Green Story

Daniel's Amish is committed to using renewable resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

The Amish have always been green!

The Amish lifestyle is one of the "greenest way of life" stories in the world. They have always lived off the land and know how important it is to responsibly farm their land with crop rotation, and in the case of trees, how to properly timber and replant a forest where it will never run out. From their use of horse and buggies as transportation, to their local gardens for fruits and vegetables, wood warmed homes, and their embracement of solar panels to capture energy to run their households, the Amish way of life is one of the greenest in this great nation.

man drilling piece of wood

The Daniels Amish Environmental Story

The biggest part of our story is twofold. First, we use one of the only renewable resources in the world – wood; and second, we have a much smaller "total environmental footprint" than foreign competitors.

You will see that because we are Made in the USA – we don’t ship products across the ocean, using fuel, emissions, etc. – and have a much smaller environmental footprint. It’s kind of the equivalent of driving to a local farm to get fresh eggs – vs. using Amazon to deliver eggs that are from California. They are both eggs, but one of them took a lot more waste, energy, and packaging to get to your house.

Our Commitment to Renewable Resources

Above all, Daniel’s Amish is committed to using renewable resources, and did you know that wood is one of the biggest renewable resources in the world?

In fact, America now has almost three times the amount of trees it had in 1953! That’s right – as a result of decades of excellent management by the US forest products industry, along with the federal and state regulations that are among the strictest in the world - our trees have nearly tripled in the past 75 years. And they’re still growing! Currently US hardwood forests are now growing twice as fast as they are being cut. It’s a fact – no other hardwood forests in the world are managed as well, offer as wide a variety, and sustainably provide as much volume as the United States. Please see the attached articles that detail how America’s forests are flourishing – and that we actually have more trees today than we did 100 years ago! Please check out the attached article showing how In America over 6 trees are planted for every tree that is cut down! That is a truly amazing statistic!

man drilling piece of wood

Not only do trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but they also keep the surface of the planet cool, they hold soil together so it can stay rich, and they provide the habitat that animals, insects, birds, and other plants call home, not to mention they support many people's livelihood. So, remember to "Buy American", "Buy Wood" and sleep easier knowing you are doing the right thing. By purchasing real wood products and not fabricated plastics, or other materials that are not renewable, and ultimately take lots of chemicals and energy to make, your fine piece of wood furniture will last for a long time, and you will have the comfort of knowing that it is truly environmentally friendly.

Just say "no" to...

  1. Inexpensive trendy designs – Many of these products from "fast furniture" companies aren’t built to last, and promote rampant furniture buying, contributing to deforestation, and burgeoning landfills.
  2. Foreign Made Furniture – Foreign made furniture usually has a much higher environmental footprint than American made furniture. Many Asian manufacturers buy wood from the USA, ship it to Asia, transport it to the factory in Asia, build the product, then transport the finished product back to the port, where it gets shipped back to the USA, to arrive in the USA at a port, and then shipped to the store. Even for foreign manufacturers who use their own local wood – that furniture still must be transported thousands of miles to the USA – leaving a huge environmental footprint of gas, packaging, fuel, emissions, and chemicals.

daniel's amish bedroom setCompare that to Daniel’s Amish furniture, where we source most of our raw materials here in the USA. At Daniel’s Amish, we make the furniture here in Ohio, and then truck it a few hundred miles to the store, leaving a much smaller environmental footprint than literally shipping it from halfway across the world. Plus, all the money going to the workers who build our furniture stays right here in America.

A Note on our Packaging and Being Green

We are constantly striving to keep our environmental footprint as small and green as possible.

field with treeWe also understand that it takes a lot of work to package furniture, so that it arrives at its destination in perfect shape. So, in order to keep our footprint as small as possible, many of our packing supplies are made from recycled materials AND we encourage our customers to recycle it again by dropping it off at their local recycling center. Using recycled materials costs us more, but we feel it is worth it.

Our Recycling Initiative

We are constantly striving to keep our environmental footprint as small and green as possible.

At Daniels Amish we make every effort to recycle and be responsible to the environment. Our sawdust is used at local Amish farms for animal bedding and much of our wood scraps are used by the community to power wood stoves in Amish households.

To sum it up, Daniel’s Amish is a very environmentally responsible company that you can feel good about buying and enjoying for years to come. Fare thee well!

- Daniel's Amish Collection